The Hunt for Lord Vorgoroth

Thinking With Portals

Ulfgar Brightmantle the dwarf cleric, Ivellios Diamonddew the half-elf wizard, and Milo Laughshield the halfling rogue are walking along the road when a deep roll of thunder echoes through the hills, followed by a loud downpour.
The newly formed adventuring party, now drenched with rain, spots a archway cut into a hill and seek shelter there. Once inside, they are relieved to see they are alone, and decide it can’t hurt to do a little exploring. But as they approach the room’s other door, a skeletal wolf leaped from the corner to attack! They take it down fairly easily, save a deep gash on Milo’s thigh.
They continue to a room covered in moss, narrowly avoiding a spear trap thanks to the halfling’s uncanny reflexes and skill with machines. The group continues into a empty room, where they decide to take a break.
Soon after they head down a staircase into a room protected by a scything blade trap, which the rogue thankfully finds and disables.
But in the next chamber, which is guarded by zombies, the party’s … strangeness comes into play. Milo has the “bright” idea to jump into a nearby portal, creating an infinite loop of flying through this room and the next. Ivellios joins in, and the two push off of each other to land toppling into the other room.
Unfortunately, Ulfgar is left alone in the zombie room, where the two undead fiends knock him out. Ivellios reaches through the portal, dragging the dwarf into the other room and dragging him off to the side. When Ivellios’ futile ray of frost misses, the halfling improvises and throws a flaming bedroll (!?) at one zombie, killing it. The other, when it finally makes it into the room, dies from the impact.
Although Ulfgar was stabilized by Ivellios, he still is unconscious on the floor. Kindly, the wizard sacrificed his hours of sleep to provide long-term care for his fellows. It isn’t long before they’re back to full health.
In the non-zombie portal room, the adventurers find a statue of a vampire. On it is a masterwork dragonplate armor set, which has the power to deal 1d6 damage to any person whose name is called out by the wearer. Ulfgar takes it with glee, knowing he will never die with it on. Boy, was he wrong…
The next room is inconveniently blocked by a 10 foot chasm, which the party decided was too dangerous to attempt to cross. So the group backtracked, finally coming across a room with a vicious worg. It was proving easy for the party, so easy that Milo had the time to don his newly found slippers of spider climbing. But the worg, its countless wounds gushing blood, lunged at Ulfgar the So-Called Untouchable. The poor dwarf’s armor was penetrated, and he fell to the ground in a lifeless heap. Milo finished off the worg in rage, but he too fell unconscious. Ivellios, hero that he is, hoisted the halfling over his soldier and dragged the dwarf for five long miles through the rain to the village of Brookshire. There he collapsed and saw no more.

Noah bradley creating a dungeon

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